There are no magic wands or spells to fix a faltering relationship, there are only real and practical solutions to help you get back on track.  Love, trust, and respect are the things that can make or break a relationship. Remove just one of these elements and the relationship is crippled and possibly even doomed to fail.  If your relationship is a bit rocky right now, one of these ‘rescue relationship’ techniques can be used to bring it back to a more even keel.

Be realistic. One reason some relationships die is due to the lack of romance. Those incredible butterflies and feelings of rushed excitement that occur when you first meet and fall in love with your significant other don’t last.  After the initial period of incredible passion and excitement, a relationship settles into a more calm and normal period of stability and consistency. During this time daily routines can seem boring, especially compared to how exciting it all felt when you two first met and started dating.  The thing you have to remember is that this initial rush and infatuation is not true love and is not sustainable.  The hope is that this period transitions into a deeper, more abiding type of love.  Here are some ways to help nurture the abiding type of love that lasts – the type of love than can help rescue your relationship and take it to the next level.

Exemplify the best qualities that make relationships work.  Be honest, compassionate, loyal, understanding, accepting, forgiving and trusting.  Remember that you are both humans and you both will make mistakes.

Communicate. Be open and honest with each other in a caring and positive manner.  Address grievances or problems before they get out of hand.  An unsolved concern that is kept inside will be revealed in other ways and is likely to lead to more problems and issues like resentment, anger and hurt.  If one is unsure about something, talk it over.

Accept imperfections.  No one is perfect.  Imperfections in a partner or relationship do not mean that the relationship is doomed to fail.  In fact, it is an opportunity to learn about each other’s weaknesses, accept them and grow, both as individuals and as a couple. Doing so helps build faith and trust in one another, plus shows your compassion and understanding.

Another best practice of ‘rescue relationship’ counselors is to suggest the couple take a break from everything. If communication does not work, maybe not talking about a certain problem may be the best solution after all. Stepping back from a heated conversation does not mean backing out from something. The gesture is a proof of one’s respect and love to the other. By doing this, the mind is cleared from everything too, allowing rationality and practicality to come into the scene.

Be thankful and be there for each other all day, every day. Live life to its fullest and spend each moment being the best you each can be. When one is feeling down, the other should be the shoulder for them to cry on. If one is happy or feeling celebratory, join in, support them and congratulate them and have fun too.

Have fun together. Working on a relationship doesn’t have to be hard and stressful and boring.  It can be a lot of fun.  Couples often forget the reason or reasons they fell in love in the first place.  Think about how much fun you two used to have doing the things you used to do and start including those things in your life once more.

Though these ‘rescue relationship’ techniques do not apply to all, the tips listed above work for many. Take inspiration from these techniques and they might just be the answer you needed.  And once your relationship is back on track, make sure it stays that way.

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