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How to Save Your Relationship and Win Your Boyfriend Back

Ok, so it happened.  Mistakes were made, misunderstandings and differences of opinions abounded, highlighting tiny cracks in your once-seemingly perfect relationship until that eventually led to the break-up. So what now? You really want to make things right and get him back into your loving arms.  Here are some helpful tips to save your relationship and win your boyfriend back.

Start with you.  In order to truly solve any relationship problem you need to identify what it was.  Take a hard and honest look back at your relationship and where you and everything seemed to go so wrong.  You might not have been at fault and maybe the breakup was more due to his issues and if that is the case, there may be little you can do to salvage it.  But, if on the other hand, you can acknowledge some mistakes you made and learn from them, there is a good chance things could work out.

And while you’re dying to do something for him to show how dedicated you are and how much you want and care for him, wait.  First, be the best “you” you can be in the beauty and styling departments. If all those sleepless nights and crying spells have made you unattractive, do something about it. Show him the beauty that he once fell in love with. Be natural about it and when you see each other again, he might just want to talk to you right there and then.

Friends can be very influential in one’s decisions – so win his friends over if possible. When you see them, show them your good side and explain your side of the story without sounding too dramatic, needy, or defensive. From there, leave them to their own decisions.  You don’t want to come across as too needy or pushy. Their comments about you will make a big impact on your boyfriend’s decision.

Bring back the woman he fell in love with. If you were the kind of person who enjoyed eating street food when you were still together at the start of the relationship, bring her back into the scene. In other words, be consistent. Change is inevitable in life so always strive to change only for the better.

Be optimistic at all times. Any hint of pessimism, depression and imbalance on your part can quickly and totally derail your attempts to reconcile.  They only weaken your efforts in bridging the gap – so avoid them at all costs. Positivity is contagious and attractive.  Possess it and your light will shine right through.

Reserve a little for yourself. Before embarking on a journey to win your boyfriend back, be sure to leave a little dignity for yourself too. There is no harm in showing your love and affection for that certain someone but looking like a fool or stalker while doing so is a different story. Respect yourself and he will respect you too.

Last, but certainly not least, ask yourself this very important question, “Do I really want him back?”  The devotion and the commitment you express will help guide your decisions.  If you notice that your efforts are uncompensated, perhaps you are not doing enough. Review your actions and feelings. Any action that you take reflects what is inside of you. If you don’t think you can win him back and if you don’t truly want to win him back, you won’t.

Love is never easy. It never has been.  But by following the techniques mentioned above you may have the chance to save your relationship and win your boyfriend back.  Just remember not to let your feelings dictate your actions. Be the best you can be, be open and honest and a good listener and hopefully before long you’ll have your man back in your arms once more.

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